Fortune 500 Corporate Campus

Fortune 500 Corporate Campus


Location: Plano, TX
Client: Turner Construction

This Fortune 500 campus covers 23.45 acres that includes three structures,  an eight-story parking garage and buildings 5 & 6, each with four floors, and a softball field.

The 842,056 sf parking garage has 2,542 parking spaces and is illuminated by 250+ high efficiency LED fixtures that deliver nearly 10,000 lumens each. This structure is backed up by a 100kw CAT Genset that sits atop an 80 gallon day tank to provide 8+ hours of runtime at 100%.

Building 5 is approximately 235,568 GSF and is powered by a state of the art 5000a switchboard that can be monitored from the company's Corporate Office. Building 5 is backed up by a 2000kw Genset with a 7,750 gallon tank that will run at 75% for 72 hrs.  The two Comm. Rms. are backed up by a 720kw Liebert UPS system.

Building 6 is approximately 149,215 GSF with a 3000a switchboard, backed up by a 1000kw Cat Genset sitting on a 3800 gallon tank. Building 6 houses a complete kitchen with all appliances necessary to run a complete restaurant.

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