CEC Companies - Building a Sustainable Community

In Fall 2016, we moved into our new headquarters, designed as an environmentally responsible facility. We incorporated many sustainable features into our new home, which will earn the distinction of being a LEED Gold certified building – one of very few in north Texas.  

A Look Inside CEC Headquarters:

Energy Efficient

CEC Headquarters conserves more energy than the average new office building. Energy efficient mechanical systems, daylight harvesting, efficient insulation, energy saving lights and airtight ducts are just a few of the energy efficient features exemplified in our headquarters building.

Single Stream Recycling

There are single stream containers located throughout the building to place all clean recyclables. Also known as co-mingled recycling, single stream recycling allows you to recycle all clean cans, bottles, office paper and cardboard in the same container.

Solar Panels

Heat from the sun can be absorbed to produce energy during office hours. CEC Headquarters is equipped with over 75 roof-mounted solar panels, allowing low energy use during the daylight hours.

Cool Roof

CEC Headquarters is cool! Highly reflective paving and white roof materials reduce heat transferred into the building, requiring less energy for cooling.