Our Story

The CEC story encompasses what we believe in, where we're going, and how we’ll get there. It includes our Mission, Core Values, and our Vision. Our story helps us make informed decisions as we respond to challenges and pursue new opportunities.

The CEC story binds us together, and helps us grow – individually and collectively – and it sets us apart from the competition. CEC has a great story to tell, and we’re extremely proud of it. We encourage you to learn more about how you can become part of our story.

CEC is a company with a history of doing great work and making a difference. Individually and as a company, we inspire confidence and empower change in so many different ways. We truly believe that everyone is here for a purpose. Whether our purpose is to serve our clients directly or to help those who do, we all contribute to the bigger picture.




Our Mission

  • To be the most trusted trade partner

  • To provide a safe, responsive, committed experience while delivering exceptional results to our customers

  • To foster a work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and long-term, sustainable growth



Acting With Integrity

CEC’s core values illustrate our commitment to the highest principles of personal and professional conduct, guiding how our people relate to each other, what we expect of our clients and vendors, and what our clients, vendors and the marketplace should expect of us.

Core Values

  • We lead by example

  • We work together

  • We respect the individual

  • We listen and provide innovative solutions

  • We are open and honest in our communication

  • Above all, we act with integrity

Our Vision: To Be The Best Customer Partner

At CEC, our goal is to be the preeminent specialty subcontractor firm. And we define this in a very tangible way through our vision of being the Best Customer Partner.

We believe that living our mission — and living the CEC Story — will set us apart.

I founded CEC in 2009 with the vision of becoming and sustaining one of the most dependable and trusted specialty subcontractors in the nation. We continue to achieve this by surrounding ourselves with talented, experienced leaders that have helped to develop a winning environment. Our team’s experience covers a wide range of capabilities across all phases of engineering, preconstruction and construction.

Being one of the most trusted firms means being responsive and executing at a high level in regards to safety, quality, technology and production. We appreciate the trust and support from our clients and will continue to deliver exceptional results.
— Ray Waddell, Chief Executive Officer

This message by Ray Waddell remains as relevant for our firm today as it was ten years ago. It’s why our people maintain such a relentless focus on quality and providing excellent customer service in all we do. We have a clear strategy that is based on taking a long-term, sustainable view about how we build our brand and our success.